Friday, January 27, 2012

Rest in Peace, my Friend

Fracktivist Carl Stiles, of Bradford County, PA, died last night, after living with illnesses caused by shale gas drilling. Mr. Stiles was forced to move away from his Bradford County home as an environmental refugee.

Carl Stiles had intestinal cancer which he blamed on Chesapeake’s gas drilling. He and his wife abandoned their home last November at the urging of a toxicologist who found barium, arsenic, and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) in Carl’s blood. Strontium, uranium and radium were found in their water. They’ve been told to expect to get leukemia within two years.

How many more have to die before the corporate greed is satisfied?

Call the White House NOW - ask Obama How many more have to die before the corporate greed is satisfied.
Call Obama at 1-888-925-7006.  When you dial 888-925-7006, you'll hear a message and then be connected to the White House Comment Line. Simply tell the volunteer on the line that President Obama must protect his constituents and walk away from fracking for shale gas.
The White House Comment Line is open Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm EST
If you can't get through on the phone - WRITE.
If you did get through on the phone - WRITE A LETTER TOO

1 comment:

  1. People need help with what is happening in PA. This is the result when someone is distraught and feels utterly hopeless and abandoned.

    His story and his claims of being sickened by drilling will be disparaged.

    But SOMETHING is going on with all of the stories.

    None of this should be happening, why is the burden of proof resting on the backs of the populace?