Monday, July 30, 2012

Corbett to the poor "FRACK YOU"

HARRISBURG - A decades-old state program that provides cash grants as a lifeline to the poor will go out of existence Wednesday with a one-month reprieve having run its course.

The General Assistance cash grant program, which dates to the Great Depression, has provided a monthly stipend of roughly $200 to nearly 70,000 Pennsylvanians. The great majority of recipients have been adults with permanent or temporary disabilities, but they also include victims of domestic violence, children under 18 in the care of an adult who is not a relative and individuals in drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Gov. Tom Corbett proposed eliminating the program in his budget address in February. The administration has generally eliminated or cut back social service programs that go beyond what the federal government requires.

Corbett has consistently cut the budget of programs and funding which benefit the REAL people of Pennsylvania - education, healthcare, social services and even the DEP.   Corbett cites Pennsylvania fiscal concerns as the reason.

Yet when it comes to his buddies fracking up our land, our water and our air, Corbett has no fiscal concerns.   Corbett wants to give $66 million per year for 25 years tax credit to Royal Dutch Shell Ethane Cracker Plant.

Total cost to the REAL people of Pennsylvania:
$1,650,000,000 ($1.65 billion)

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  1. This is an abomination for the disabled and poor! Your talking 70,000 people totally cut off from help! What is this gov't turning into with Corbett in place? We must Impeach him now!!Call on a FIST Special Prosecutor to be appointed by President Obama to investigate Gov Corbett for all of his misdeeds and possible crimes! Call Senator Casey: 202-224-6324