Monday, July 9, 2012

EID sees Dead People

Energy-In- Depth (EID), a Natural Gas funded organization and run by FTI Consulting (a lobbying and PR corporation has a few favorite "experts".  Typically EID's "blog" postings are hit pieces and have all the sophistication of a junior high slam book.

See Energy-in-Depth (EID) - The “GAS”roots, Connecting the Dots: The Marcellus Natural Gas Play Players – Part 3, By Dory Hippauf for more details.

In the past couple of months we have had geysers in Union Township, Tioga County, bouncing stream beds and methane plumes in Leroy, Bradford County, and an hydrochlo­ric acid spill of about 4,700 gallons also in Leroy.   
No surprise that the geysers and methane plumes are being spun as "naturally occurring".  Funny how these naturally occurring events seem to happen within a mile or less of a natural gas wellpad.  So far, the hydrochloric acid spill hasn't been attributed to a natural occurrence, however it is being downplayed to "just a couple of minnows died" .

From a recent Energy-In-Depth blog entry:
The History of Pennsylvania Water Quality
2012 July 7 - by Joe Massaro
The last Franklin Citizens for Truth informational meeting included a host of speakers from WPX Energy, Williams, and others who came to educate members of the community about natural gas development and the infrastructure (e.g., pipelines) accompanying it. Every speaker was impressive and informative; however, the one who stuck out for me was Licensed Professional Geologist, Brian Oram. This meeting gave me another opportunity to learn about Pennsylvania’s water quality history and how the elements currently found in many people’s drinking water are, typically, naturally occurring.
Mr. Oram as quoted by EID:
Embalming is a process in which a body is preserved until burial or transport. From the Civil War, until about 1910, arsenic was the main ingredient used in embalming fluids throughout the country. Between the period of 1880 and 1910 it would be fair to assume a large cemetery, or collection of cemeteries in a given community, might include as many as 2,000 bodies. If half of those were embalmed with arsenic, using six ounces of fluid per person, the cemetery would contain 380 pounds of arsenic. If the embalmers in the area used more arsenic, such as three pounds per person (which wasn’t rare) then the cemetery would contain over one ton of arsenic.
Really? Dead People? 
While this may be true, it does open the door for a few questions.

1. Didn't the gas drillers check for cemeteries or other burial places before drilling/fracking?
     Probably not, because they are fracking cemeteries anyways. 

2. How many sites for gas drilling also have cemeteries on them? 

3. How many of the homes with contaminated water and are near a gas drilling site also have cemeteries?

As awareness of the real impact of natural gas drilling is having on people's lives, the land, the air and water grows, expect EID and their favorites to scramble for more diversionary excuses.

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