Friday, August 17, 2012

Grains of Na needed with CO2

Salt, or Sodium is Na on the Periodic Table
 Salt or Sodium is represented on the periodic table as Na.  

"(With) a grain of salt," in modern English, is an idiom which means to view something with skepticism, or to not take it literally.

Many of you might have seen the headlines, and soon to be Energy-in-Depth infomercial/talking point regarding CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels.

Decline in CO2 surprises science
Experts cite power plants’ switch from coal to natural gas as a driving factor.

I read the article beyond the hyperventilating headline, and have a few questions.

The article stated CO2 levels dropped for FIRST 4 MONTHS OF THIS YEAR.
January-April were also part an extremely warm winter  The Natural Gas industry have attributed the rapid drop of natural gas prices, the natural gas glut, and their own financial woes on the warm winter. 

If we had a normal winter or colder winter - would CO2 levels dropped?  A normal or colder than normal winter would have resulted as an increase in demand for Natural Gas by powerplants and homeowners.  

We are now having record-breaking HEAT all over the country - which means more electrical usage for Air Conditioning, and power plants would be using more fuel to meet the demand.

Assume for a moment, that the "driving factor" is the switch from coal to natural gas, then May-August CO2 levels should show a similar drop.

Here's where the grains of Na are needed.   "In a little-noticed technical report, the U.S. Energy Information Agency, a part of the Energy Department, said this month that total U.S. CO2 emissions for the first four months of this year fell to about 1992 levels"
LITTLE NOTICED TECHNICAL REPORT - was little notice given to it because it only covered 4 months of data?  On something of this nature, is it reasonable to expect this is a trend?

The article mentions it as a Littled Noticed Technical Report, little noticed why?  Because it only covers 4 months? And who noticed it?

Without reading the entire report, it's unknown what factors were included or excluded to get those numbers.  

Incomplete articles, such as this one, are only fit for Energy-in-Depth (EID) and Natural Gas industry infomercials, which I'm sure we will be seeing soon. 

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