Tuesday, April 17, 2012

American Natural Gas for America?

Remember the ads, the talking points about how we have to drill and frack for natural gas in order to "break the oil habit"?  If we frack up the countryside then we would not have to import "foreign oil"?   Natural Gas will provide us with security, and allow energy independence and everything would be coming up sunshine and roses? 

Wave the FLAG, sacrifice and frack your land, your air, your water and your family for the good of the country.

 American Natural Gas for America........yeah, right.

Joint ventures between US Natural Gas Corporations and Foreign Investors are set up and in line waiting for export facilities to be built.

Cheniere Energy has been approved by regulators to construct the Sabine Pass LNG terminal in Cameron Parish, Louisianna.  It will be the first of many more to come.  Once this facility and others are in operation, it will provide a relief to the current gas glut as well as producing higher profits for the Natural Gas industry.

CHINA and elsewhere - here we come!

Click here for a spreadsheet on Joint Ventures with foreign investors. 

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  1. Good info...I have been posting about this for some time. Chesapeake is now largely invested by foreign Asians. They plan to export LNG through the Sabine Pass Terminal. Dominion plans to export through their own terminal in Maryland. Encana, EOG, and Apache plan to export from the Kitimat Terminal. All of this infrastructure is being built now to export America's gas by 2015. All one has to do is read these gas company's stock news to see all their foreign deals and real plans.

    The truth is demand and prices are too low in the U.S...they would like to create false demands by making the government regulate new vehicles to run on CNG so they can make profit. Since demand and prices in Asia are at all time highs and only going to continue to rise...gas will go there.

    Chesapeake's own CEO has stated that he wants to be owned by investors who believe the price of natural gas WILL NEVER GO BELOW $10. It's currently less than $2, so you see where their real heads are. The commercials and everything else are just lies so people sign leases.