Saturday, April 21, 2012

What the Frack is Going on Fracking Friday ?

On next Friday 4/27 I will be a guest on What the Frack is Going on Fracking Friday  8pm-10pm est

I will be discussing the Natural Gas corporation connections with each other and our legislators.

Debbie Lambert will also be a guest.
She will be talking about what Chesapeake Energy is doing in Darlington, Beaver County PA, forced pooled, and Chesapeake's refusal to comply with cease-and-desist order issued by Darlington officials.

My series - Connecting the Dots: The Marcellus Natural Gas Play Players series has been picked up by Raging Chicken Press.
Parts 1 & 2 are in this month's issue.

On CommonSense2 for the full series:

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Chesapeake Energy –  Peeking Behind the Curtain

Energy-in-Depth (EID):  The “GAS”roots

Cabot, Krancer and Dimock

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