Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Nose Government: Krancer and Pennsylvania

Once again Krancer barks "BACK OFF" to the EPA and keep your nose out of our business.

Krancer wants "big government" to keep it's nose out of state's business.   How many times, over the years, have we heard the Republicans complain about "big government"?  

The smallest form of government is the local government, the government in every town and city which directly serves the people, which plans for it's own future, which determines it's own path for growth for THE PEOPLE.  

With that in mind, I find it ironic that Krancer, Corbett and the republican PA legislature, through ACT 13 (and similar) have decided BIG HARRISBURG GOVERNMENT sticking it's nose into LOCAL SMALL GOVERNMENT is perfectly fine.  That BIG HARRISBURG GOVERNMENT will now decided the zoning and thus decide on the future, the growth path and wellbeing of every city and town in Pennsylvania.

Geee. what's wrong with this picture?

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