Friday, June 22, 2012

The Sky Is Pink in Tioga and Bradford County

It's funny how the sky has turned pink near gas drilling well sites.  Not to worry - pink skies are naturally occurring, right? 

Methane migration probed in Tioga County

While a Shell representative listed several precautions that the company is taking to manage the situation, she also noted methane gas has historically been found in groundwater in the area.

"These pre-existing conditions make it difficult to identify a specific source of the methane detected," wrote Shell spokeswoman Kelly op de Weegh in a statement. "We are evaluating the timing of the incident, reviewing other pre-drill data from nearby residences, determining the methane signature [specific characteristics], and evaluating overall water quality changes.

The Department of Environmental Protection believes that the "milky appearance" of the creek is caused by methane moving fine sediment through the bottom of the stream, spokesman Daniel Spadoni said. The theory is "based on our past experiences with this same kind of occurrence," not sampling of the sediment, Mr. Spadoni said.
Same kind of "OCCURANCE"???  Really? 

‘The Sky Is Pink’
Josh Fox, writer and director of the anti-fracking documentary “Gasland”, has a new short film that focuses on New York’s deliberation over whether to allow the controversial natural gas drilling process in the Marcellus, and specifically targets Gov. Andrew Cuomo as the man in whose hands rests the future of the state’s public health, air and water safety and general quality of life.

Fox pulls no punches with his 18-minute film, “The Sky Is Pink.” The title stems from a PR strategy in which the waters of the debate over a hot-button issue are muddied by interjecting competing claims that are then dutifully reported by the media in the interest of providing balance.

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