Saturday, June 23, 2012

What color is your Sky?

This week Josh Fox, creator of the documentary GASLAND, released a short 20-minute video entitled THE SKY IS PINK.   The short film examines the disconnect between what is being reported on the news, what the Natural Gas Industry says and what is scientific fact.  

The phrase "THE SKY IS PINK" is fast becoming the meme for PR ads and statements issued by the Natural Gas Industry, and will most likely enter into the American lexicon to encompass any questionable positions for any corporation or politician.

The film isn't just about the color of the sky, it also shows some eye-opening facts about the practices of the Natural Gas Industry.   If you haven't seen it, you are missing important information.

Click Here to Watch.

What color is the Sky over Wyalusing, PA?

Pa. families settle gas drilling pollution lawsuit with Chesapeake Energy for $1.6 million
KEVIN BEGOS  Associated Press
June 22, 2012 - 6:09 pm EDT

PITTSBURGH — Three northeastern Pennsylvania families have reached a $1.6 million settlement with a gas drilling company over contaminated water wells.

    But Jared McMicken of Wyalusing said the agreement reached Thursday provides little comfort since his drinking water was ruined by nearby drilling, and his family must move.

"We've lost our house, and we're not going to get out of it what we got into it," he said. "We have a bunch of people who have to leave their homes."
 Chesapeake Energy maintains the sky is pink:

Chesapeake said in a statement that it believes there is no permanent damage to the properties and that other water wells in the area showed natural contamination before drilling began. McMicken disputed that, saying his water and that of his neighbors was fine before the drilling.

"While Chesapeake remains confident that the water supply is consistent with area water quality standards, it has entered into the settlement so the families and the company could bring closure to the matter," the company said.
 The HUGE outcome of this settlement is the absence of a non-disclosure clause or agreement.   In the past, the Natural Gas corporations have included these types of gags in settlement agreements which has prevented families from talking about their experiences as well as the terms of the settlement.   

"Attorney Todd O'Malley said he believes this is the first case involving pollution in the Marcellus Shale region where settlement terms were publicly disclosed. Past disputes have been sealed."
 Will these families now go public?  We'll know more when we see what color the sky is over Wyalusing.

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  1. One would think the Gas Industry could win their WAR ON SCIENCE with the 8 bazillion commercials they've already aired.