Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Energy-In-Depth: The "Dots"


  1. Thank you, Dory. This IS brilliant. Here's some more info about FTI which I find interesting, from the company's website:

    "Our specific client services include:

    Social media audit and strategy development
    Integration with overall marketing/communications
    Monitoring and engagement
    Social media marketing and campaign
    Reputation management and blogger/online influencer relations
    Paid social advertising"

    I believe anti-drilling activists can expect a bigger push to directly tackle online grassroots efforts in the next few months. As they try to wrest control of the conversation, and the airwaves are already saturated with ads, the endless EID budget will push its way through the various departments of FTI. Social Media is the next logical arena. They will watch, read everything, and then they'll get despicably sneaky, like the mercenaries they are. please, let's be on our toes while they get to work on "Monitoring and Engagement" Liz R.

  2. Dory,
    It was great meeting you and talking with you tonight. The information you shared was incredible. Keep up the good work, and look forward to talking with you again, soon. JT

  3. dots......these people are zit dots and cancer spots representing the human suffering....may their souls lay in unrest when they face judgement....I hope God is having a shortage of grace that day.

  4. Great work - some of these shills still pop up as being "unaffiliated"

    Meaning they are still covert / astro turf

  5. Thanks so much-- very well done. I will be linking to this in the near future.

    If you get the chance, I am interested in the links between Ecology and Environment (based near
    Buffalo, an engineering and planning firm that contracted on the NYS SGEIS document) and the above. They have a very active division involved in salt-dome gas storage facility design and construction.....

  6. Thank you, Dory for your great work. You make a significant and important contribution.

  7. I don't know how you find all these links, Dory. Must take months and a bazillion 3x5 cards?